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Bruce Rossmeyer Mildred 'Mid' Krieder Les Burton Danny Lee Otto Richard Wareheim Terry O'Conner James Gandolfini Johnathan Jones Rick 'Mongo' Mendenhall Gina 'Miss Hottie' Hall Bill Warner Michael 'Hey Mikey' Nichols Terry 'Boom Boom' Stekar Bryan 'Ace' Lackey Mike 'Milkman' Hamer JR Gendhar Charlie Driggs Clifford Driggs Robert Bean Mike Paley Roy Cummings William Pulliam Steven McCormick Brian Angelle Danny Angelle Michael 'Big Lou' Spaccamonti Richard 'Andy' Anderson

NMRM Online Memorial

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You can click on a letter to go to that letter's alphabetical section in the name index below. Then, locate the Memorial Rider's Name and click on it to see the Memorial. The green arrow is to go back to the NMRM website. Beside each lettered section in the index below, there is a Back to Top link that will take you back to the top of this page.

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A          Back to Top of Page
        Abbott, Chuck
        Anderson, Richard 'Andy'
        Angelle, Brian
        Angelle, Danny
        Ashbaugh, Bill
B          Back to Top of Page
        Bagley, Tim "Klondike"
        Baker, Stephen
        Baldwin, Kelly
        Bean, Robert
        Beckedahl, Ken
        Blankenship, Jason W "JBob"
        Burton, Leslie O.
        Burton, Sierra
C          Back to Top of Page
        Cain, Mic
        Capps, Lester
        Crook, Leroy
        Cummings, Roy D.
D          Back to Top of Page
        Driggs, Charlie
        Driggs, Clifford "Digger"
        Druffel, Gail
E          Back to Top of Page
F          Back to Top of Page
G          Back to Top of Page
        Gandolfini, James
        Gendhar, JR
H          Back to Top of Page
        Hall, Gina "Miss Hottie"
        Hamer, Mike "Milkman"
        Harris, Scott "Scottie"
        Heine, Gene
        Hill, Jody Shawn
        Hill, Linda
        Hutchinson, Linda I
I          Back to Top of Page
J          Back to Top of Page
        Jones, J C
        Jones, Johnathan
        Jones, Richard
K          Back to Top of Page
        Kintzler, Jeff
        Krieder, Mildred "Mid"
L          Back to Top of Page
        Lackey, Bryan "Ace"
M          Back to Top of Page
        McCormick, Steven J.
        McKinney, Irish
        McSweeney, Steve
        Mendenhall, Rick "Mongo"
N          Back to Top of Page
        Nichols, Michael "Hey Mikey"
        Norton, Curtis
O          Back to Top of Page
        O'Conner, Terry
        Otto, Danny Lee
P          Back to Top of Page
        Paley, Mike
        Pueari, Steven "Big Punn"
        Pulliam, William "Bill"
Q          Back to Top of Page
R          Back to Top of Page
        Rossmeyer, Bruce
S          Back to Top of Page
        Stekar, Terry
        Spaccamonti, Michael "Big Lou"
T          Back to Top of Page
U          Back to Top of Page
V          Back to Top of Page
W          Back to Top of Page
        Wareheim, Richard
        Warner, Bill
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