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The National Motorcycle Riders Memorial is the only national memorial of it's kind in the United States.  Development of the memorial site began in 2014 and, while it is still in early stages, riders from over a dozen states are already represented there.

Small cozy garden areas and easily accessible brick displays make the memorial an interactive experience for those who come to visit.  But, this is only a small part of all that this memorial will have to offer.

Plans for continued development include a visitors center with complete computer indexing that will allow visitors to easily locate an individual memorial brick.  They will also be able to view photographs and read about who that person was;  their accomplishments, their contributions, and the people and things that were important to them in life.  In short, this memorial will offer much more than just names and dates.  It will preserve each rider's life story.

There are also plans to provide an on-site engraving facility, so that new bricks can be ordered and placed by visitors all season long.  Currently, the NMRM association holds an annual, family-centered event in June, and family and friends of each fallen rider are invited to attend and participate in the placement of their loved one's brick.

The creation and ongoing development of this unique and historic memorial is a huge project, but one that we are committed to accomplish.  The NMRM Association is a non-profit organization composed entirely of volunteers from the motorcycling community.  Without the help of sponsors, donors, and supporters, we would not be able to continue this important work.  We want to be able to continue to provide free memorial bricks to each and every family that has suffered the loss of a beloved motorcycle enthusiast.  And we want to continue the development of this memorial site that offers everyone the opportunity to remember and celebrate the lives of those we've lost.

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